What is iPhoneography?

What's the point of photography if there's no story?  If you've ever had a story to tell, you will understand why iPhoneography speaks to me.  No camera, a Nikon or a disposable one, can tell the story at the click of the shutter without passion.  And for sure, a great city like New York is full of a whole lot of passion!


It's easy to tell a story if you have a lot to say.  For example, you're walking on the street and see a lovely view of buildings framing a city street.  How do you feel?  Happy?  Nervous?  Exhilarated? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, and want to capture the zooming of the cars or the beaming rays of the sun.  iPhoneography turns something that may be an ordinary moment into a story. 


... and who wants to carry a camera around when you may not even use it? 


All of the photographs on this website were taken with an iPhone camera.