I realize how my iPhone camera can open my eyes and help me see life in a deeper way as a photographer and it's always with me ... anytime and anywhere!  My visual journey has become a creative expression for me as I move through life capturing images at the very moment inspiration arrives! 


The intent of this website is to tell a story using iPhoneography as a type of photography in shooting, editing, adjusting color and then ... share your view of the world!  


I have lived on the busy and bustling Island of Manhattan for over 30 years and enjoy having the advantages of living near Central Park, a man-made jewel in the city.  I am always eager to share and rediscover the beauty and wonders of the city and this brilliant landscape in its glorious seasons ... all 843 acres!

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Street Entertainer Outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Barbara Dolinsky


Barbara Dolinsky          |          bdolinsky18@gmail.com          | New York, NY